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A mobile diagnostic swallowing service specializing in the assessment of dysphagia using Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES).

Mobile Endoscopix provides prompt intervention for new and chronic conditions reducing hospital readmissions and improving quality of life.

Clinical advantages.

  • Live, color video of swallow function identifies the cause of dysphagia
  • We team up with the treating SLP during our clinically interactive procedure
  • We use food the patient typically eats, in their natural environment for the full length of the meal
  • Immediate results leads to better understanding of impairments, better treatment plans and better outcomes

We are mobile.

  • We go directly to the patient's private room
  • Our equipment is compact. No big, cumbersome devices or vans.
  • Avoid transportation and accompanied staff costs for hospital procedures
  • Urban, suburban, or rural. We'll be there.
  • Coordination with on-site physician promotes team integration

Simple billing.

  • Flat charges per procedure
  • No extra travel fees
  • Treating SLP can bill CPT code 92526 during exam
  • Facility can bill CPT code 92612 for the actual FEES evaluation for Med B patients
  • On-site physician can bill CPT code 92613 for interpretation of FEES results

Tech savvy.

  • Our online request form is one click away
  • We exclusively use hi-definition FEES systems
  • Our clean and simple reports can be produced electronically
  • All reports and videos are backed up on secure storage